Credit and Insurance: What Changes with Death-Disability

  Credit, insurance, atypical investments, precious metals, these are the areas that see their operation evolve with the Consumer Law or Hamon law passed on February 13, 2014. Assa de Patrimoine explains what’s changing for you.   The 5 advantages of the Hamon law     Loan Insurance     The subscription of a death-disability insurance […]

What is mortgage insurance – in simple words

Mortgage loans are always associated with significant risk for both the borrower and the bank, because during the repayment of the loan there can be the most unpredictable situations that negatively affect the successful repayment of the debt: reduction in client solvency, loss or damage to the collateral property. Mortgage insurance provides insurance coverage for […]

Travel insurance

With a travel insurance you go on holiday with a safe feeling. With this comparator you can see at a glance which coverage is best for you. Choose from the number of days you want to be insured per year, choose the coverage area, the Netherlands, Europe or the world. If you want to insure […]

Microfinance Loans – Consider Lending Money to Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

           Meet Esthere Uwamahoro. She is 33 years old, married with two children and lives in Kigali, Rwanda. She is in the parts trade and needs help. In short, she needs a micro loan to expand her business. Her hope is that if she has the money to buy more spare […]