Steps on how to collect insurance

Steps on how to collect insurance


Having the information on how to collect life insurance will avoid headaches if we get to be in this situation.

We know that in Mexico we have a lot to work on in financial education. In an analysis of data from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), it indicates that life insurance in the country barely represents 0.8 percent of GDP. That is, it is very small population has a life insurance that protects your family in case of death.

However, if at any time you become a beneficiary of a life policy, it is best to know the path you need to travel to carry out the corresponding charge.

Steps on how to collect insurance

Steps on how to collect insurance

Find out if you are a beneficiary

If you do not know if you are a beneficiary of a life policy and a close family member you believe may have considered you to die, consult the Information System on Insured and Beneficiaries of Life Insurance (SIAB-Life) of the National Commission for Protection and Defense of Financial Users (Condusef).

Approach the insurer


Once you know the beneficiary of a life policy, approach the insurer with whom the hiring has been made and start the collection process.

Among the requirements that may be requested are the life insurance policy, a copy certified by the Civil Registry of the Insured Death Certificate; certified copy of the actions of the Public Prosecutor's Office that took cognizance of the facts of the death, in case of accidental death; official identification in original and copy of the insured and / or beneficiaries and the payment slip at the date of death, to name the most important.

Bank data


For payment, you must indicate in the application that you require payment via deposit or payment by check. For this it is necessary to have a bank account and preferably have your interbank password ready.

Stay on top of the answer

The law indicates that the payment corresponding to life insurance has a maximum term of 30 days after the complete documentation is delivered. In some cases, insurance companies make advances in the first 72 hours in order to meet the funeral expenses.

Be very careful

Be very careful

No insurer or promoter can charge you any amount of money for this procedure, just do not be surprised and in any situation go to Condusef.

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